The most elegant custom walk-ins in Greater Montreal

ADN Design specializes in the creation of high-end custom walk-in closets in the Greater Montreal area.


Here are some of our recent creations.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to complete an impressive number of projects. Here are some that we have completed or designed on the South Shore, on the North Shore, or directly on the island of Montreal.


Get the ADN treatment for your walk-in closet.

With ADN Design, you have total control over both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your future walk-in.


Enjoy high-end construction.

We only work with superior-quality European materials.

Custom walk on the north shore of Montreal
Custom walk on the north shore of Montreal


Enjoy high-end construction.

We only work with superior-quality European materials.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our materials, our production process, and much more.

What is a custom walk-in closet?

A custom walk-in closet is a personalized closet or wardrobe that is made to fit perfectly into the available space in your home. Unlike prefab closets, a custom walk-in closet is designed to meet your specific storage needs. It can be designed with shelves, drawers, hanging rods, shoe racks, and other features that cater to your individual storage requirements. A custom walk-in closet can also be constructed with high-quality materials to match your home’s style and add value to your property.

What are the advantages of a custom walk-in closet?

A custom walk-in closet is a personalized and high-end clothing storage option that offers numerous advantages compared to a standard closet. Here are some of the most important benefits to consider when contemplating a custom walk-in closet:

Efficient use of space

One of the main advantages of a custom walk-in closet is that it efficiently utilizes the available space. We can create storage solutions that cater to the specific needs of each individual, thereby optimizing space utilization.

Maximum flexibility

Another major advantage of a custom walk-in closet is the flexibility it offers in terms of material choices, finishes, and styles of doors, drawers, and other accessories. With a custom design, you can select precisely the elements that match your needs and preferences.

Adding aesthetic value

A custom walk-in closet can also add considerable aesthetic value to your home or apartment. You can create a personalized and high-end look that matches your personal style, which can be a significant addition to the value of your property.

Perfect adaptation to your space

Finally, a custom walk-in can be designed to perfectly adapt to the architectural or design constraints of your space. This means it can be designed to maximize the use of available space and to seamlessly integrate with other elements of your interior decoration.

How does the process of designing a custom walk-in closet work?


The first step in the custom walk-in design process is taking measurements. We need to visit the space where the walk-in will be installed to take precise measurements of the room. It is important to consider the ceiling height, width, and depth of the available space.

Design and planning

Once the measurements have been taken, we will begin working on the design and planning of the walk-in closet. We will take into account the clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories that the client has to create a storage space that meets their needs.

Creating a prototype

After the design and planning, we will create a custom walk-in prototype. The client can review the prototype to see what the walk-in will look like once it is built. If the client wishes to make any changes, we can make them before proceeding with the construction.

Construction and installation

Once the prototype has been approved and the materials have been imported, we will begin the construction of the walk-in directly on-site.

What are the most commonly used materials for custom walk-in closets?

At ADN Design, we offer over 45 unique finishes in various thicknesses for our custom walk-in closets. Thanks to this variety of materials, the possibilities are nearly endless for creating a walk-in closet that meets your needs and tastes. We are able to use a wide range of materials to create a unique walk-in closet that matches your lifestyle and budget. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your custom walk-in closet design options.