Maximize your storage space.

ADN Design specializes in crafting high-end custom closets in the Greater Montreal area.


Here are some of our recent custom closets.

Before going into the details of our custom closets, here are a few projects we have completed on the North Shore, South Shore, and directly on the Island of Montreal.


What is an ADN Design custom closet?

The high-end custom closets offered by ADN Design combine functionality and aesthetics. Our team ensures that your custom closet reflects your tastes and harmonizes with your interior.

Fully customizable

Here’s everything ADN Design can customize

Our mission is to offer you a 100% custom-made closet.

The choice of materials

To cater to all tastes, ADN-Design offers nearly a hundred finishing styles (such as wood finish, concrete finish, marble finish, leather finish, mirror finish, and much more). Our premium materials (all imported from Europe) will undoubtedly charm you.

The drawers

The choice of the number, dimensions, internal partitions, and finishing materials of each drawer is up to you. We customize your wardrobe to your needs and your needs only.

The closet

Do you need more or less dedicated closet space, there’s no problem. You are in control of your project.

The pants hanger

Our European expertise has allowed us to be the first to introduce pants hanger solutions in Quebec. This accessory, already very popular in Europe, allows for optimizing storage and facilitating access to your pants.

The shoe racks

More than ever, people are diversifying their shoe collections. Having several pairs of sneakers, boots, high heels, and clean shoes is great, but you still need to know where to store them. ADN Design will help you maximize your storage space and ensure that each of your pairs of shoes has its specific place.

The LED lighting

Do you want your wardrobe to shine? Well, we can integrate LED lighting inside to allow you to see your clothes clearly and on the outside to add a striking aesthetic touch.

The custom closet doors

ADN Design offers 100% custom wardrobes. This also includes doors. We have access to various types of materials such as wooden doors, mirrored doors, glass doors, and much more. We can even create custom glass prints to match your door with the colors of your interior design.

Other special requests for custom closets

No matter what you have in mind, we will find a solution. For instance, we have already custom-designed a rail-mounted ladder (finished in copper) to ease access and add an aesthetic touch to one of our projects (at the request of a client). At ADN Design, there are almost no limits.

Complementary products

Other custom-made furniture from ADN Design

Although the walk-in closet and custom wardrobe are the two most popular projects at ADN Design, our expertise is not limited to that.

Custom bookshelves

Custom desks

Custom walk-in closets

Custom TV stands

Custom room dividers
Other types of custom-made furniture


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our materials, our production process, and much more.

What options are available for custom closets?

At ADN Design, we offer a wide range of options for custom closets, including various styles, materials, finishes, and configurations. We work closely with our clients to design closets that meet their specific needs and seamlessly integrate into their space.

How does the custom closet design process work?

Our custom closet design process begins with a thorough consultation with our clients. We discuss their preferences, storage needs, space constraints, and personal style. Then, our team of experienced designers creates 3D plans and renders to visualize the final outcome. Once the plans are approved, we proceed with the manufacturing and installation of the custom closet.

How long does it take to make and install a custom closet?

The manufacturing and installation timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project and the current workload. We work efficiently to meet the agreed-upon deadlines with our clients. Generally, the manufacturing and installation of a custom closet take between 10 and 12 weeks following the contract signing.

Where is ADN Design located?

ADN Design is located in Montreal, in the Nordelec building (1740 Saint-Patrick St. #1207, Montreal, Quebec H3K 0B3). We look forward to welcoming you to our showroom to introduce our products and discuss your custom interior design needs.