We create high-end custom furniture.

Walk-in closets, wardrobes, libraries, desks, TV stands, and more.

custom walk-in closet in dark wood with white drawers

Custom walk-in closet

At ADN Design, we create custom walk-in closets worthy of the biggest Hollywood stars.

custom walk-in closet in dark wood with white drawers
custom white cupboard with wooden shelves

Custom Closet & Wardrobe

We also create 100% custom closets based on your tastes and functional needs.

custom white cupboard with wooden shelves

Custom-made bookshelf

Add a wow factor to your living room or any other room in your home with a custom-made bookcase.

custom white cupboard with wooden shelves
custom wooden desk with black bookcase

Custom desk

New to telecommuting? Treat yourself to a workspace tailored to your aesthetic preferences, but more importantly, suited to your needs.

Custom TV cabinet

Treat yourself to a personalized and dazzling TV stand. Your guests will notice it, we promise.

custom bedroom furniture

Other high-end custom furniture

At ADN, we also create room dividers, bedroom furniture and commercial projects.

The ADN experience

Combine design and functionality in one piece of furniture.

What we offer, you won’t find it anywhere else. We promise you that.

Unique design

All our projects are tailored to the tastes and specific needs of each client. For us, a successful design must be beautiful, of course, but it must also be functional and sustainable.

Unique materials

All our pieces are custom-made in France and then imported to Canada. We only work with high-quality European materials.

Unique experience

Customization is also an experience. We place great importance on the trusting relationship we build with our clients. Many of them become friends, no joke.


Frequently asked questions

Find out more about our prices, our production process and much more.

How much does a project cost?

We have completed projects at $3,000, just as we have at $40,000. It all depends on the type of project, dimensions, and materials chosen. That being said, we always work with the goal of respecting your budget.

What delays should I expect?

The creation of 3D models can be done very quickly, in less than a week. Then, you should plan for a 7-8 week delay for the manufacturing and shipping of materials (Europe – Montreal). Finally, the installation is very fast, taking place in a matter of a few days. In summary, if you have a deadline for completing a project, we recommend starting the process about 10 weeks in advance.

Will I be advised?

Of course! With over 20 years of experience, we are very well equipped to assist you in creating a project that meets your tastes and needs. If you have no idea about the best solution, don’t worry, we will find it together.

Do you do any commercial projects?

Yes! Whether it’s for a dazzling reception desk, suitable offices, maximized storage, or any other project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do you do large-scale work?

Yes! We have partners who enable us to carry out projects that require larger interventions (demolition, electricity, plumbing, etc.). Please don’t hesitate to write to us, explaining your project; we would be happy to let you know whether or not we can assist you.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes! It is located at 1740 Saint Patrick Street in Montreal (H3K 0B3). We only organize private tours. To book, you just need to contact us by email or phone.